Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Morning After The Night Before

Do you get any odd recurring dreams? I get ones where I'm taking my A'levels but have dropped a subject without anyone knowing, so won't pass them and that I've only got a limited time before having to find a job. Then I remember that it is now 30 years down the line and that I do have a job..... Another one is about the people I worked for after leaving uni. For various reasons, including a lack of direction in myself, not being entirely dazzling at the many job interviews I went to, plus it being a time of businesses folding, redundancies, etc, I stayed there for 10 years. Which I'm quite cross about. Its a bloody long time! Anyway, these people pop up nocturnally from time to time, and in these dreams I'm trapped there, doing impossible things and desperately trying to impress them. Despite being happier now than I've ever been, my little subconscious must be whirring away feeling all out of control during the night.

Why can't I just dream about teeth falling out if I've got to have anxiety dreams??? Have woken up a bit "blaaaaahhh" this morning - an important appointment with the 13 year old and his possible new school later this morning. So far so good, he is actually getting himself ready and I'm keeping it all as low-key as possible. Afterwards I'll have a last push to clear the kitchen out - t'is already all bare and unadorned, and without the distraction of the colourful junk the cupboard doors look sickeningly yellow. To the skip with them, come tomorrow!  I will be heaving out the sideboards and discovering Nasty Things Lurking on the floor, which will be dealt with before the workmen come to do their magic tomorrow morning.

To get myself back on track I've been doing Important Money Stuff - just made a phone call to cancel a contract for boiler cover as I've arranged something cheaper. 9 minutes of pointless spiel from a woman who sounded like Jeanette Krankie; I love it when they try to woo you back - sorry love, I decided to go elsewhere when you hiked up my payments, so don't try telling me your company look after your exisiting customers, Mrs-She-Who-Sounds-Like-A-Short-Woman-Dressed-Up-As-A-Schoolboy.


Alison Cross said...

Recurring dream - there's the one about me stabbing Tartarus with a long bladed knife. I used to get that one a couple of times a week. Seriously.

I dream quite often of falling and, just when I'm about to splatter on the ground (ie wake myself up) I fly off through the universe. That's a bloody BRILLIANT one. Scary and fun. Like a rollercoaster. But in a dream.

Come and tidy out my cupboards :-)

Kim said...

Has it started yet? I am so excited to see the new kitchen! I think about it every day! Hurry and post some pics.
Hey I have to tell you ...I bought that new Adele21 cd and in my mind I imagine that you look like her...perhaps you sing like her too.. anyway...Adele is who I picture when I read your cleverly hilarious blog!

trashsparkle said...

Alison - I'm great at tidying cupboards. I turn heaving masses of overspill into neat little arrangements, then don't know quite wtf to do with the heap of mess that doesn't go back in ;)

Kim - ha ha, no alas I am not poised and sophisticated like wot Adele is. Back in the day, I used to get told I looked like Joanne from the Human League. Bad housemate he was. ps how like Liza Minnelli do you look in that old photo in the shower-on-the-train!