Saturday, 2 April 2011

One More Thing I'm Pretending To Do

I have found more things that need to be done Pre-Kitchen Makeover. Namely, the cheapskates that created the atrocity that is currently The Midget Kitchen From Hell put ceramic tiles down which finish halfway under the base units. Now, this compromises the ability to relocate the washing machine, as half of it will be resting on a different floor-level to the other half. Being even more of a cheapskate myself, this is going to be corrected by me whacking down some self-levelling exterior filler as I am not throwing enough ££ at the project to redo the whole floor (yet). Not the right way to do these things obviously, and at some point this weekend I will be lying on my front on the floor attempting to apply said filler under the gap where the baseboard/kickplate wotsit used to be. Why? Why? Why am I so bl**dy stubborn and back to front at doing these things!!!

Well, I should be doing the latter today, as long as the usual distractions of garden-fiddling, magazines, blog-reading, eating et al don't get to me first ;)

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