Friday, 15 April 2011

Its Getting A Bit Iron Curtain

Mildly, well actually incredibly traumatic rest-of-day, after the Alan Titchmarsh incident. The psychiatrists came round at midday. They spoke to me, but not the teenage recluse who declined to be involved. Not content with the fact he's so far perfectly happy to start a new school in 4-and-a-half-months, they want to put some very serious wheels in motion. Compulsory hospitalisation (or sectioning, I believe, to you and me) was mentioned, as was having him put into care, or even put into the care of his father. At this stage things got beyond ridiculous, as they clearly have not taken on board that he hasn't seen them for 14 months so why would that be a better option? What a system I seem to have caught myself, and him, up in. One body of people tell me that he is very bright and they can see no reason for his non-attendance at school (erm, that would be the social difficulties, duh). Maybe they do their training by watching back-to-back episodes of Grange Hill? Then this lot today confirm, as much as they can by observing him through a solid wood bedroom door, that they would say he is on the spectrum and needs urgent cognitive behavioural therapy in order to learn to get by without mirror cells, receptors, whatever.

I'm doing other internet stuff, not involving diy catastrophes or celebrities in spandex, so will be making sure things don't escalate into the realms of totalitarianism. Further waffling on here about those 2 subjects and other distractions will have to be humoured. Failing that, we'll be leaving the country.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

In your current frame of mind we feel that you would fit in smoothly to the machinations of 'The Motherland', as we fondly refer to our adoptive home of Hungary. Here, abnormalities of behaviour are seen as positive expressions of individuality and, as a result, are encouraged, nurtured, and are, therefore, commonplace. Now behind the 'Net Curtain' rather than the previous metal version, access is easy and so slipping into the ebb and flow of daily life would be simple.

An added bonus is that Alan Titchmarsh is, as far as we aware, yet to be discovered here but, unfortunately, updates on the Royal Wedding are broadcast day and night so our housekeeper informs us! Surely, a small price to pay for freedom?!!!

trashsparkle said...

Sounds very tempting!

Kim said...

At Last~My grown son is in the wrong country...I must inform him there is a place for him across the pond! Wonder how he would take to Hungary!