Saturday, 9 April 2011

Hello New Kitchen!

Here's the new snazzy kitchen! Yep, so far it feels like I've created a cool, contemporary batchelorette-kitchen-in-a-loft arrangement, what with my shiny surfaces and brick wall. Sleek, modern, shiny, minimalist.....Styling aided and abetted by the 12 year old; see the dalek mug? (But what's that wire hanging down for???*)

How the camera doth deceive.... because this is the rest of the room:

Next step is getting the walls sorted. And the floor! My temporary extension lead* for the dishwasher is marvellous something to get sorted pronto.

And, finally, the grim, in-between shots:

A delightful display of plumbing accessories, and a puddle.


The Pea Pod said...

Oooh! How brilliant, it's coming on nicely. I like your choice of units. It's all going to look fab. I was only thinking of you yesterday wondering how it was going x

Alison Cross said...

I think it looks great! I'm very into white at the moment - in the home - not on me. I make white look very dirty very quickly *shamed face*

A dalek rug is uber-cool. Kudos to the 12 yr-old for that one :-)

Inbetween shots ARE grim. It's a bit scary at that point, isn't it!

But well done - it's looking super ;-D

Ali x

trashsparkle said...

I still can't get over that I've got people in blogland enthusing about this kitchen - thank you for the encouragement Lizzie and Ali! Hopefully I will pull my finger out and get the disgraceful bits sorted, but not if I go swanning off to swanky shopping centres and watching films with Colin Firth in spangly catsuits, as I did yesterday ;) xx

Kim said...

I think it really looks cool and I have been waiting for all the pics...thinking of how it is going every day...yes...we while away the hours wondering about your kitchen. I don't think the grim parts look too bad...looks like what all of ours would look like after a sink and cabinet have been ripped out..some much much worse! Your kitchen is small but you can still get a dishwasher in...mine is small and I cannot..but ya know I don't miss a dishwasher...I just use that sponge wand that you fill the handle with dish works for soapy water, no pre-scrubbing and no powdery film from the dishwasher...

trashsparkle said...

After moving heaven'n'earth to get that dishwasher in there I'm pretending to ignore any filmy stuff on the results. The puddles of water on the upside down mugs aren't great - maybe I'm stacking them wrong! That sponge wand sounds the business - very efficient. The word wand would make me expect it to come with a washing-up fairy though! (She often fails to visit our house, so I end up sorting it!)

Kim said...

I am the wand fairy! At least I don't have to ask any one...are these dirty or clean? If KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong washes with the wand, I am sure to know if they are dirty (yep) or clean!