Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Meringues In The Marquee

This week, tv's gone a bit Masterchef-In-A-Marquee.


With celebs doing some baking. For charity. Proper made-from-scratch-meringue catastrophes, some of them decorated with greenery, which just looks wrong. Tonight's show was on in the background, and my main impression was that the judges Weren't Much Fun. On account of being A Bit Picky. And no one burnt the marquee down. Still, there's always tomorrow.

However I shall be paying Proper Attention on Thursday, as one of the contestants is Pearl Lowe. Lovely wife of Lovely Danny Goffey, as well as designer, writer, designer, writer, welly-wearer, mother.... formerly of Primrose Hill, and the tabloids. But I'm always going to love Lodger, the late 90's band where her vocals combined with those of Neil Carlill of Delicatessen were compared with Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood, no less. And they made some crazy videos...





 He was such cute 90's eye candy...

As for the Bake Off - me separating egg whites and beating meringues? Sod that, I'm a shop-bought girl.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I Think I'm Becoming A Philater...Er... Stamp Collector!

Diamond Jubilee
Image from http://www.bfdc.co.uk

This wasn't going to be my First Post (boom boom!) of The Year, but then The Divine Helga reminded me of my growing Crush on Old Royalty in her post about coming over all Queen Victoria-esque: http://helgavontrollop.blogspot.com/2012/01/feels-like-touch-of-victoria.html

What with the Diamond Jubilee coming up this year there are going to be some yummy stamps being issued by the Royal Mail. Such as this kind of thing.

Image from https://www.myroyalmail.com

Diamond Wedding

There were also these 2007 60th Wedding Anniversary stamps -
a bit of Couture Excellence in black and white:

Just before Christmas I picked up a book on more of the Old Lovelies. Its full of splendid pictures of the Victorian and Edwardian ancestors. What with being too busy eating mince pies I haven't scanned it yet, but I'm planning a Bit Of A Feature on the landing wall using images from the book and some of these stamps.

It will all be joining this Jamie Reid poster:

And possibly this photo. I once kidded an impressionable young man these were my grandparents:

(Image by Patrick Lichfield)

.... which reminds me; must decide where we're going this summer!

Image from http://habituallychic.blogspot.com/2011/02/governor-of-bahamas.html.

HabituallyChic's blog has tons of fabulous Duke and Duchess of Windsor photographs. I'm going grab a coffee and sit and sigh over them all now....