Thursday, 16 June 2011

M Is For Music, Moon, Mess... And Mooching

Day 4 of The Ridiculous Amount Of Activity here: out with the washing first thing, enjoying the still calmness, the birds cheeping in the surrounding trees, the blue sky and the green leaves... then helping to get the 12 year old off to school, instead of me having to rush about like most weekday mornings the rest of the year.

Music to kickstart the wall-sanding has been the Mamas and Papas, who I love so much I've played them loads this week. How like the B52's the girls' harmonies are on some of the tracks... Now I'm playing Generation Terrorist, the first Manics cd, prompted by a story online this morning about Richey's sister and the missing person's charity.

Did anyone see last night's lunar eclipse? I'm never clued up beforehand, so missed it yet again. My friend posts on facebook when one's due - but I'm usually a day behind catching up on there. Maybe there's some email alert you can sign up to...? Anyhow, the film online of the eclipse looks very wow and ravishing. Had a very strange dream last night about being able to see fish in the sky - like you see stars in the daytime sometimes, these fish were swimming all over the place. It was the bottom of the sea in Australia, that joined into the top of our sky here... sort of an inverted version of how the world's made up.

A bit more sanding and painting of a small bit of wall under the kitchen window, then the room is FINISHED!!! Apart from the floor - hhhmmm - and a missing kickboard for the sink cabinet. I was sure I'd put the old one in the shed somewhere, but rooting through there the other day I just ended up with a big plank of wood falling on my knee. Big purple bruise now.... just right for summer frock attire!

The reason its taken til today to get the kitchen finished is because I keep sloping off to cafes and charity shops with the boyfriend - lots of good finds, I'll put pictures up on Saturday. If I stop and do that now, I'll never get the bloomin' kitchen done ;)


Vix said...

I love the Mamas and Papas so much, great choice. I saw the Manic a few times prior to Richie's disappearance, wherever he is I hope he's happy. xxx

Kim said...

There is an alert for the phases of the moon...i'll send it to you. the moon the night before was big and bright..I took meager photos of it but still ok by me. the actual eclipse and full moon was obscured by clouds so I missed it last nite.

Kim said...

I'm back with the info:

trashsparkle said...

Thanks Kim - even the moon's got a twitter account, ha ha! Will check that blog out x

Vix - I ended up playing the M & P's again today - might as well just sell the rest of my cd's!