Saturday, 11 June 2011

New Haul

Yesterday we went to not one but TWO house-clearance shops, and a church table-top sale. Get these 70s boot stretchers - the orange is the colour orange squash used to be! There's a pair of wooden shoe stretchers labelled Mentone of Northampton, a 1973 Co-Op budget recipe book, 2 knitting patterns, a linen tea towel labelled "foreign" (how quaint), some cake slicers - which always come in useful in this house, some Cmielow Poland eggcups, a couple of dressing table dishes with roses on the lids.... and a utility ware Woods Ware blue Iris jug and bowl. And a J-Lo label red top for the fashionistas. 

 When I saw these I thought of Scarlett, who found one this week!

This is actually my favourite find - its just like one my parents used to have, and its in top-nick too:

This Co-Op recipe book was a close 2nd favourite though - before this goes on ebay we're going to have to try out shrimp flan, beefburger nests, giblet pie (??), as well as wacky cake, black beer cake and mincemeat surprise:

 What about these trendy girls and their retro furniture?


Vintage Vixen said...

Fab finds! I always snaffle boot stretchers and shoe stays, "useful tat" as Jon helpfully calls it.
Fancy finding the rest of Bambi's family, are you going to reunite them with Scarlet's orphan? xxx

trashsparkle said...

Ha ha - as soon as I saw the bambi's I thought "must post those down to Scarlett"! xx

Lisa-Marie said...

That cookbook is wonderful! I am about 90% sure my nana had it. The Ladies are very mid-century modern!

(Giblet pie is disgusting, just so you know|).

Kylie said...

love your new haul...totally get what you were saying about my Life in Australia pic btw...I was thinking something similar myself, that chap looks like such a misery guts, wonder why? what bad news has she sprung on him?

Young at Heart said...

oh mum and I had those orange boot things....I am transported back to my childhood....actually they were dam useful!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Coo, you did well! My mum had those boot stretchers too. You have to post the recipe for wacky cake - I need to make that!