Thursday, 30 June 2011

Where We Went On School's Out Thursday

Despite not having to set the alarm clock this morning we were up early, to make the most of the Extra Day-Off today, and even managed to be back by teatime. We were so busy having a lovely time that I only remembered to take one photo. I'm really Quite Proud Of Myself for getting a move on and managing an impulse day at the seaside...


Nah, course we didn't! The 12 year old enjoyed a long lie-in til gone 10, and it was a pj morning for both of us, but we went for an afternoon up the train track to Civilisation, exploring vintage shops, quaint buildings, finding A New Favourite Cafe - houmous and roasted vegetable ciabattas and king prawn salad sandwiches. Would love to show a photo, but still trying to pluck up courage to take food pics; they might think I'm from Environmental Health!

We* were so impressed at getting long-handled spoons with the coleslaw that afterwards we went to this lovely little shop to find some of our own, for ice cream sundaes aka anything from the freezer I sling into tall glasses and slather in chocolate sauce:

A treasure trove of Very Expensive Loveliness - personally I'd cry for days if I dropped an Orla Kiely teapot that cost £54.99 - but we found the spoons. Apparently they are latte spoons. There were several types of cutlery which, frankly, I'd never heard of and I felt as uncouth as someone encountering a place setting with so much silver that you have no idea whether to start from the outside or the inside. Grapefruit spoons? How very sensible - I thought that's what teaspoons are for. ;)

And finally, we had to put on body armour, took a load of rescue remedy.... and hit Primark. Yes, this was the Day When It Was Discovered That None Of The 12 Year Old's Jeans Fit Him Anymore - apart from the one pair that were in the wash. Predictably it was rammed, groups of School's Out teenagers (mostly well-behaved) and a slightly higher than usual amount of unmanned toddlers. But puzzlingly, there were also hoardes of people NOT entertaining school-age children - older people, people with babies... School's Out Thursday coinciding with payday? Brilliant! Oh, and I also got this t-shirt ;)

* Actually just me - the 12 year old is still being polite enough to pretend to feign interest


Liz said...

Primark is a shop I only visit in the morning! Weekends there are a nightmare! Love the blog.

trashsparkle said...

Hi Liz - hello! It was a mad mistake going to primark yesterday - I am nearly recovered tho;)
Love your blog - just saw the Wedgwood plate pic; it looks really similar to ones I nearly keep buying!
ps my kids' dad lives up your way now - if I circulate a description, any chance of giving him a nasty fright on my behalf if you spot him? Perhaps Hestia from Hestia's Larder could assist?;)

Lisa-Marie said...

That shop looks ace (red, spots, bunting, hearts, I'm in!). Grapefruit spoons have a slightly sharper edge I think? We have sundae spoons(with long handles) I reckon latte sellers just stole the idea!

Vix said...

Eeek! Primark any day's pretty scary but on a schools-out day? You are brave. The car boot was hellish.
Love the design on that teeshirt. x

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Our local Primark looks like a jumble sale there's so much on the floor and slung everywhere. I don't know what goes on in there.

Good to see you made the most of your day. How funny about the food pictures! I'd never thought of that! xx