Saturday, 7 May 2011

Turner And Marmite, All On The Telly

Oh the cultural highs I encounter these days... have just seen Michael McIntyre re-created out of toast and marmite. By a 21 year old art student. Roll on the next Turner Prize nominations...

Personally, I thought it was more like Peter Mandelson, but who am I to deny MM his moment in marmite?

And that led us nicely into hitting the toaster in the ad break, but our toast and marmite was for satisfying our suggested-to tastebuds and not for the cultural puzzlement of any mass Saturday night audience. Actually on the food front today I have been unusually inspired, and made savoury pancakes with chunky houmous and olives. Washed down afterwards with walnut cake. From a shop, not my own fair hands. But there was a certain harmony in the textures of said pancake-and-cake combination.

Going back to Turner, I watched the delectable Andrew Graham-Dixon, he of the slightly-Bryan-Ferry-coiffure-with-a-twist-of-Serge-Gainsbourg, doing National Trusty things last night. Very rock'n'roll, me. Watching some posh bloke (phwoarr) hovering old carpets. And on a Friday night 'n' all - how did it get to this? Anyways, the Turner bit of the show was the fact that the dusty carpet was at Petworth House in Sussex, where the racy aristocrats of the day collected Turner's paintings of landscapes. When to do so, AGD informed us, was considered avant-garde at the time, when all the other posh families were commissioning portraits of their chubby, rosy-cheeked selves.

And seeing as I'm wittering on about tv again, I am a little intrigued about the upcoming thing about celebs having a homeless person come to stay. Noble, and both parties will surely learn something about each other, and the celebs will momentarily become humbler people. But why is it only Justin out of Colin-and-Justin hosting the homeless person? Do C & J no longer feature as the tweedle-dum-tweedle-dee kind of duo on which they have built their career - house renovating, shrieking, cushion-arranging, tantrum-throwing... oh, and dancing? Is this Justin being Grown-Up and Serious? Does Colin also get to separately sneak in a homeless person later in the series? I think they've gone for the wrong angle with this programme - much more mileage if it was People Famous Mostly Just For Tarting Up Houses On The Telly doing the social-conscience bit. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, are you listening?


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Not having had a television for more than thirty years, we are, we regret to say, completely lost here.

However, we do know the Turners at Petworth and, most recently, attended an exhibition at the Szépmúvészeti Múzeum in Budapest of Turner watercolours most of which we had not seen before and most of which were on loan from The Tate and most of which, we imagine, are normally in a basement!!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

I'm a total TV addict but I forgot to watch Home is Where the Heart Is. I must watch it on catch up. Have Colin and Justin been separated? I like Colin best, I think that's the right one.

I once dreamt I had sex with Laurence Llewellyn Bowen. Luckily I hadn't! xx

trashsparkle said...

Hello Christina - thanks for coming over! I get the horrible feeling that LLB would get nasty'n'sweaty. What a disturbing dream... And its ok - the trailer lied, a bit. C&J are still rolling. And were being quite sensible. Apart from doing some karaoke and over-cushioning the guest room.