Tuesday, 24 May 2011

An Afternoon In Town

I live in a fairly small town. Where far too many of the locals look like this. I am not local.

Have been out for coffee and some thrifting with the boyfriend (who is not local either). I didn't get round to posting up any pics last time I got a haul, and findings have been scarce the last couple of weeks. So I absolutely had to buy, and immediately show you, this nursery rhyme pillow case.

Humpty Dumpty seems to be depicted as some sort of failed glue-sniffer. Or that could be my cunningly-on-purpose-honestly sideways photo technique. This is definitely going on ebay; perhaps it could be cut up into individual framed scenes, or become a cushion in a "traditional" nursery room.

Obviousy I then started to get a bit pattern-crazy, as I found this "almost retro" gem in poundland.

I've already tried out the marker pen, to remind us to use up the strawberries we got the other day, not because I was writing random Damned cd titles...

And this belt. 75p! Which I'm keeping, in a must-accessorise-more bid to remember to look into a full-length mirror more often before leaving the house.

The Fabulous Colin And Justin were on 60 Minute Makeover today. Cracking shots of them don't you think?


The Pea Pod said...

The locals in your town look a little bit like me in the morning... :0

Cute little pillow case. x

trashsparkle said...

Hi Lizzie - lol! I'm sure you don't - and seriously, this IS what some of the locals look like here. I don't think they met many people apart from their own relatives until a generation or so ago ;)
That pillowcase is begging for a good home isn't it. Will have to sell it before I start finding it too cute to part with.

The Pea Pod said...

You make me laugh x

trashsparkle said...

Lizzie, I tried leaving a comment sympathising with your floor plight... but blogger's being devious again/ash particles in the server and it wouldn't post the comment; so in case you pop back here and read this - I hope it all gets sorted, you definitely have to get rid of Shiny Floor, and I hope whatever happens Saturday night is still fun! x