Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Stripes and School's Out

Isn't he gorgeous! Came home with this little zebra money box a couple of weekends ago. Will have to make do with him, as there is no houseroom for the huge papier mache zebra I saw in a magazine the other month.

At last, the Week of No School has arrived. For the 11 year old; for the 13 year old it's No School 24/7 anyway, as some of you may have spotted. Brilliant timing for me to come down with lurgy - lugged myself in to the World of Work on Friday, just so as the 17 year olds could try to find the rudest lyrics on youtube, wore a billion jumpers plus a coat all day Saturday, then felt extremely overheated most of Sunday, and today I'm fine again. Hoorah for short-lived lurgies. Even went out and did some digging and getting rid of squelchy leaves. I lurve getting all muddy - though the garden never looks any better for it.

Have, of course, been keeping up with my usual excessive amount of tv watching. Including the Celebs Prancing About In Frocks For Charity one. Colin and Justin gamely did Xanadu, with extra spray-tan and a lot of pink chiffon. Although Justin was being Olivia there was a definite Grayson Perry angle about the get-up. I did think my tv needed resetting, such was the over-orangeness, until the pallor that is Ed Byrne came on, proving my colour contrast was in fact ok.


Kim said...

Ok Miss TrashSpark! What is Lurgy? I looked it up in the Urban online dictionary...is it like Cooties? I love your terminology, but I need a decifer note occasionally! hahha

trashsparkle said...

Now I must admit I don't know what cooties are, having always assumed it was a skin disease or nits... I'd better look that up! Our fab Brit ailment lurgy is a cold with flu symptoms; but when men get it they have man-flu!