Saturday, 17 September 2011

Today's Mission...

... was to come home with an

The 12 year old's been moaning that I haven't written about him lately.

So here is a bit all about him and his amazing pasta sauce that he's making at the moment. Hence the onion.  He made some earlier this week, but owing to the fail that was me sending him in with narrow-necked container for it, much of it remained on the school worktop. The sauce that made it home was lovely though.


And here are some photos of today's Weekend Wanderings, in Derby. There would have been some more close-ups of this statue-infested building, but there was an outbreak of sibling scuffling and we had to move on sharpish. People were looking.

I liked this spirally thing. But not the traffic light

A lot of lamp posts 

A window display all about invention and stuff


Kim said...

OOOH I'd like to know more about that onion sauce. Sounds delish!
Thanks for your great comment on my blog. You hit it right on the dot...microorganisms in that ivy...I'll never do that again. There's still crap in my nose.
Can't find the walls to hang the chairs. But eventually I'll clear a spot hither or yon and move them down there. I like them much better at the table than in the living room.If I don't move stuff around I don't feel creative! Dusting and hoovering is just not fun!

Vix said...

I'm with Kim, I think your son needs to share his recipe with us. I'm always in need of culinary inspiration.
Derby is lovely, great PDSA charity shop and a top Wetherspoons. x

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Great pictures! I love visiting downtown neighborhoods. =)