Friday, 11 November 2011

The John Lewis Christmas Advert

The New John Lewis Christmas Advert (remember "Ellie Goulding" last year???)...........

It went live mid-morning today on Youtube, and Twitter's going A Bit Mad over it. Whole offices of people are blubbing at their desks.......

*************** SPOILER ALERT ***************


Don't read any further

if you want to see it first!!!!!


Prevailing Twitter Thinking, apart from A National Outbreak Of Blubbing (and a few disagreements over The Song Whose Royalties Will Now Get Morrissey Out Of A Fix) seems to be that the film Seven has been a subliminal influence - the boy could possibly be giving his parents a box containing his sister's head. As a thoughtful Christmas gift...

And I'm just trying to figure out what exactly it could be that John Lewis sell that would be big enough to require a box yet be pocket-money price.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Post With A Ridiculous Amount Of Labels

So, yes, a few random things, that are really just the tip of the iceberg of life this week.

Actually, who knows - its been a week when I dreamt I worked with the mother of 3 men (which, in my dream, made them brothers?? Was I getting confused with the Bee Gees???? Was this anything to do with Lulu getting voted off Strictly?) in Wire The mother had a  hairdo like Cousin Isobel out of Downton Abbey, but in a more Debbie Harry way.

.... Lulu being Mrs Gibb

 Cousin Isobel. Not Lulu. Nor Debbie Harry


Among the recession-inspired and genuine 40's graphics around at the moment, I like this poster, on ebay:


Watched Rolf "National Treasure" Harris being interviewed by Piers Morgan* at the weekend  and thought  when he was young he was the spit of someone around at the moment. Of course, I've now forgotten who that someone was.... anyone see any resemblance???

*I'd love to write the name that Private Eye call him but you might be eating...


Yesterday I accidentally invented a new method of Cracking The Admin Laziness Problem. Formerly known as the Cupboard of Doom, or Ignore It Until It Ceases To Be Relevant. Yesterday our internet was down... after 15 minutes of headless chicken behaviour (from me, the kids were fine about it) where I didn't really know What To Do Instead Of Wasting Time Online Stalking Caitlin Moran And Grace Dent On Twitter, I had a brainwave. While the sheets were in the washing machine, I blitzed my stagnant pile of rubbish tossed into a wooden wine box on the shelf my intray. 45 minutes, once a week - its the way forward.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Princesses, Pizza And Pictures

Out for another prowl around a Midlands metropolis yesterday. To Birmingham. Despite living oop norf for the past 10 years, we've only been there twice, neither time making it any further than the Bullring shopping centre. I had no idea there were canals going right through it.

Popped into Pizza Express and parked ourselves at a window table to nose at people going past people-watch. Unfortunately we timed our arrival to within minutes of the end of the Disney on Ice show up the road, and the place was soon heaving with pastel taffeta as hordes of little girls in Princess frocks, clutching souvenir light-up wands, descended on the place with their families. There was even a dad dressed as Buzz Lightyear....

Afterwards, to walk off the chocolate fudge cake dessert to recover from the decibel damage, we had a bit of a poke around the city centre, admiring the tall, beautifully embellished old buildings, and some of the even taller shiny new ones. We will have to go back several more times to get to know our way round better. Charity shops next time!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Halloween ..... Yeah, I Know It Was 5 Days Ago

Me'n'Blogger seem to have sorted out our little differences over how to publish photos - and I've just found these from last weekend. So, some belated skulls and orangeyness...

Goodness Gracious Great Balls Of Fire

Had planned an adhoc mini-bonfire and to toast marshmallows in the garden for tonight... as long as adhoc isn't a contradiction of planned. Y'know, the sort of daft idea you get when you watch Sarah Beeny and her tribe scampering about Rise Hall Acres, having good old fashioned family fun on "Restoration Nightmare".

Anyhows, we'd already scoffed most of the marshmallows by the time Strictly had finished, so we went outside to have ourselves a sparklers frenzy - and watch some of the neighbours' fireworks going up in the background.