Thursday, 30 June 2011

School's Out Thursday

Occasionally I love the tories. The added-comedy factor of making 2011's Glasto go down in history as the one where the tory expired in the portaloo. Not one of the hoi-polloi toilets either; a restricted-access one. A bit like the type they send their kids to. And very like the type they plan on turning universities into.

Which brings me to the glee which I feel - albeit indirectly and temporarily - for the tories this evening. I don't have to set my alarm to get up early tomorrow as the 12 year old has the day off. The tories have caused most of the schools in the UK to have to close tomorrow in order to show how much they really do not want to have to work until they are almost septugenarians. In fact, on a training course today*, a statistic was thrown in that by 2015 the majority of the working population will be between 45 and 70. Though it would be quite plausible to believe that they could try to make that 40 to 75. Monkeys running the economy would be less ludicrous.

Anyhow, it feels very superfluously good that it is not a school night. Avoid all UK shopping centres at all costs tomorrow, as they will undoubtedly be overrun by feral school children whose parents have not been able to take the day off to look after them, for fear of losing one of the few remaining jobs in this country.

* The course was about Diversity. I hesitated when doing the feedback form at the end, not sure if I would still have a job in September if I expressed how disappointed I had been by the fact that Ashley Banjo had not been there.


Makeminemidcentury said...

I love a political rant! I really do. Not many people are gutsy enough to voice their political opinions!

I'm always having ideological debates with myself.

Vix said...

I'm totally with you, I have an evil wish for the country to come to a grinding standstill today (mind you, they'll probably blame the last government for that, too). x

Rachael said...

What Vix said just made me giggle for how true it is. I have a colleague at work who's calling all teachers terrorists for their actions. She's a head strong tory though.