Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Breakfast At Heston(ys)

Got to share this. I have just tried to jog the 12 year old into having breakfast... there is no milk. This is due to me not being able to carry any with the groceries yesterday, owing to having already bought a pack of floor tiles en route to the supermarket.

Therefore, the breakfast options are as follows:

  • Toast. He's not a fan.
  • Cereal bars
  • Dry bowl of cereal - its the yummy mini weetabix-with-sticky-choc-bits, so I can vouch for their nibbliness.

Or my suggestion..... a bowl of said cereal, to dip into a bowl of ice cream. Could be quite nice, and who doesn't love ice cream, particularly at 11am?

I have just been yelled at, and accused of trying to feed him something Heston Blumenthal would come up with....

(Heston is it m'lad? Now then, how gross can I go when it comes to dreaming up your dinner tonight???)


Post-script - he is having a fried egg sandwich


Kylie said...

My girls would kiss me, not yell at me if I offered them this choice for breaky...but don't worry...they find oodles of other things to yell/scream/rant at me about!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hmm, weetabix icecream. You could be on to something. Your son won't be complaining when you have an exclusive deal with Sainsbury's.

Anonymous said...

Fried egg sandwich - now you have made me all hungry,not good for the diet!

Ciccia said...

We love ice cream here in Italy...it's so hot these days here in Rome that all we eat is gelato...morning, noon and night!:)

trashsparkle said...

Kylie - he quickly went off the Mum's-turned-into-Heston lark and decided to badger me to install a pool instead. In Britain! In a tiny garden! That I have filled with plants! I sent him off to google how much a DIY one would cost and thought no more of it ;)

Lakota - ha ha; there IS a slot with them, now Jamie's gone...

Hi Peas and Carrots - diet? life's too short! get that sandwich!

Hello again Ciccia - long time no see. Ice cream in Rome sounds delicious!