Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Inspiration

 Ok, I just wrote, and abandoned, a post moaning about it being halfway through the holidays, feeling unspecifically frazzled, and generally getting all glass half empty, so instead there's going to be some Lovely Pictures.

I was looking at this magazine on the train and just gawped at this photo
The colours, the stuff, the dark grey, the white mirror...

Love old tile patterns. Even though this one's decided to be the wrong way round

Opera wallpaper, Cole & Son 

We're getting a bit of a purple'n'blue theme going on here.
Purple tumbler by Evitavonni.
It's only £82.21...
And I'd quite like the stairs too

 Hayworth sofa, John Lewis

And this velvet one
Ackroyd sofa for Marks and Spencer by Conran

I'm going to have to make do with a velvet cushion I have in this colour
It was from Woolworths...

 Another variation on the Royal stamps theme
By Annie Little

And I love this light fitting
RGB pendant lamp, Fredrik Mattson at InForm
Very naughtily working out how to make a tribute version...

I sort of like this table-bench idea
Very space-saving

So much that I've been wasting a bit too much time 
working out if I could do something like it

Now these two images are for Kim and her Eiffel Towers
Have a look at her fabulous European kitchen here:

Conran Shop

Kate Thornton Design - "We Love Paris"*

And these are just because they are sooooo cute...
No one would notice if I sneaked them into my kitchen, right?

All images from September's Living etc, except for *


Kim said...

Oh, thank you so much, MissSparkletina! That is so sweet of you.
I thought the first photo was of your reminds me of the way you decorate! I love those photos! I would love the Hayworth sofa. I love those colors too.
My kitchen is very tiny, you just about saw it all. There is another side where the fridge is and I'll have to post whole house is tiny but I have it filled with treasures. You too have things out in the open in your kitchen which I love. I have enjoyed going thru the tour of your renovation!

custardino said...

You've been reading my favourite "house porn" - I love Livingetc.

Young at Heart said...

sometimes I think it's good to feel down....otherwise how would we know when we were up??

Vix said...

Thanks for sharing. Living Etc was a favourite of mine for years but bit the dust in my ecomony drive. x

Anonymous said...

I doubt anyone would notice the dogs. My Dad never noticed the cat my Mum got when my Dad was working away!!

Kim said...

I love that Eiffel tower pillow!