Thursday, 29 September 2011

I Need A Change...

... of life. Don't know if this is a mid-life crisis (yeah, if I was a bloke I'd buy a motorbike but that won't cut it for me) but I'm tired of my life. Tired as in fed up with it, and the other evening I couldn't even think of any place I could think of being. Place as in "the last time life was fun"... maybe I should just watch Vicar of Dibley, join a whist drive and order some plant catalogues. Or maybe I should pull my socks up and find some way of getting my life back again. Right now, I would love to move to Scarborough. A house high up on the bay, with amazing daytime and night time views. They've even got an M&S if I fancied posh-people watching in the food aisles... And anyway, I've got one elderly parent in Kent, one in Northamptonshire, and some inlaws on the south coast. None of them would be thrilled with me and the kids being any further north... South coast is sort of out of the price range... and there is the slight issue of schooling-interruption/uprooting of the 12 year old, and the immense network of bureaucracy concerning the 14 year old. I think I need to Make Some Plans.

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