Saturday, 1 October 2011

Small Plans...

... oh I really shouldn't let myself post sometimes; especially not when I'm meant to be getting ready for traipsing off to the World of Work. Must remember; hang out lots of washing in the mornings instead of writing self-pitying drivel!

Anyhows, I'm putting plans to move to the seaside on the back-burner for now for reasons of (im)practicality, but instead looking at cutting down the way money trickles through my fingers so that we can go on far more seaside adventures/travel/blah blah blah. Top idea so far though is to make more money... so I've been faffing about on ebay and typing in random objects that I happen to own and happily finding out people are paying ££ for the same things. A gas heater for VW vans being one of them - a very random car boot treasure from eons ago, purely because it was turquoise and silver, for instance. So later on today, with the glorious sun still out (we hope) photos will be taken and Some Proper Ebaying will get done.


Kylie said...

Feel free to share your "self pitying drivel" anytime. I enjoy reading it and it's good to get things off your chest after all!
Here's to selling lots of stuff on ebay so your dreams of lovely holidays by the sea become a reality!

trashsparkle said...

Cheers Kylie - as usual I've changed tack; no ebaying but have been shortening frocks to wear this autumn (and discovering I absolutely cannot cut in a straight line; how are wonky hems looking for A/W11?). Still, the frock-updates will STOP ME BUYING MORE CLOTHES = saving money ;) x