Tuesday, 4 October 2011

More Sunday Night Film Watching And Other Things...

Another one on my list of late-Sunday-night-films-I-have-missed-the-first-10-minutes-of is last week's L'empreinte de l'ange, starring the compelling Catherine Frot. Excellent pacing to the film, wonderful cinematography, and I worked out the twist.

Meanwhile, other randomness:

* One of Zoe Ball's eyes is smaller than the other. Now that It Takes Two is back on, dinner may sometimes be late...
* Philip Glenister is back on tv Thursday night in Hidden. No red Audi Quattro or Bolly Knickers though.
* Len Goodman is on tomorrow's Who Do You Think You Are. I love these trawls through family archives and unravelling of long-ago mysteries.
* I really need to find out what blogger has done to the photo-adding thing; not being able to put photos up is more luddite than I'd like to be. Alas I feel this may require some concentration.
* Some lovely people in town were handing out free bars of Galaxy last week. Guess who forgot to put it in the fridge? Having to put chocolate in the fridge in October??
* We are supposed to be getting a hurricane later this week. Straight after a heatwave? Crazy times...


Elegancemaison said...

I love this 'other' randomness. Reminds me of - er - me. But that hurricane. I thought I'd read it was snow that was coming. But still 19 degrees warm on the 4th of October and I sweltered in woolly dress, thick tights and boots while some other shoppers were in short sleeves and flip flops. Crazy times indeed.

Vix said...

That Philip Glenister thing looks good, what with Spooks and The Body Farm BBC 1's good at the moment.
I haven't noticed a problem with picture uploading on blogger so can't help you there.
I've heard there's a danger of snow in Scotland. I'm loving this weather, can't bear the cold or the dark evenings. x