Monday, 28 February 2011

Life In A Day

After 9 days of waking when we damn well want to, instead of when a digital beeping clangs our senses into wakey-wakeyland, its back to early starts. The 11 year old snoozed and snoozed and snoozed some more, then finally got outta bed, droopy and lagged. I marvelled at it suddenly being light again in the mornings... how did that happen.

Fast forward an hour, and he's checking his hair, grumpy that he's the only one who has to go anywhere today. Well, I would if I could, but my talents are not required at the World of Work today so what can I do but have an Official Day Off? I have a LIST to keep me busy, and a lot of ways of avoiding doing any of the things on it.

Tomorrow is the Day We Find Out how the 13 year old will spend the next 4 years.... if he gets a place at the media-friendly school he might hopefully go back into the system. Alternatively, if he's allocated a place at the chav hell on the hill, then its time for me to get clever with the gcse curriculum.... So by tomorrow morning I will need the password I created when I did the online application many many months ago.  This is somewhere on a bit of paper in the cupboard of doom. I spent yesterday afternoon shredding many, many archaic and redundant ex-important pieces of paper, but failed to find it. Will have to rely on it being something easy-peasy that I use for most other passwords when I log on tomorrow...

Another thing on this list is to find a way of wriggling out of a 2nd mobile contract my phone provider seem to think I wanted. Saving myself £8.50 a month is a big incentive to seeing this one through, but I don't feel bouncing from one call-centre to another is going to be much fun. Or productive. Even if I speak to someone pretending to be called George.

All this tidying up and chucking stuff out is causing me to lose weight. I am staggered about how I have lost 4 and a half pounds since December, given the truckload of mincepies I ate over Christmas, and the amount of chocolate I eat on a daily basis. High metabolism has a lot to answer for. A sinister cholesterol level is probably one of them.


Kim said...

It amazes me how you can so wittingly write about the most mundane things in your life and make it sound so interesting! Amazing talent, Lady!

Kim said...

Oh btw...about my uh hum laundry dungeon...KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong is just as happy as a lark to wash his own clothes...Drat those housewifey men!

trashsparkle said...

Righto - thats a GOOD thing, but that leaves us needing to come up with other means of complete bribery so you get a new'n'improved (and not lethal) laundry room!