Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby

Oh I do not do mornings! My travel advisor informs me (well, we agreed yesterday) that we are leaving at 10.30, to go skating. He's up with the larks, dressed, plus the sensible 2 pairs of socks, and with total confidence that I will produce a pair of gloves on the way out the door. Meanwhile, I have cunningly fooled him into thinking I am dressed - he can see grey out of the corner of his eye instead of the usual pink of my pjs, as I have come downstairs in a pair of trackies. Ho ho ho..... So, not only do I have to put on a set of clothes For The Big City, I also need to rejig some money online, make lunch for the 13 year old otherwise he will exist on biscuits all day, plus do some imaginary online curry-buying. Of the latter, my dad is visiting tomorrow and asked if we could have curry. I've made things in the past that have accidentally turned out like curry, but when I think about it, I've never actually set out to make one. Oh stuff it, I'll do a la Caroline Quentin and nip to Marks and Sparks in the morning...

The other thing I've been doing is reading the news about the awful earthquake in New Zealand. Lots of thoughts with people who are caught up in that.