Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Doolittle. Again

Now that we are in February we'll have a bit of colour here. These are the tulips from last week.  
This week's flowers are as kitsch-as-hell. Coasters, in perfect nick. They smell just like they've been at the back of someone's sideboard for 50 years....

I think the parenting skills inspection went well. If that's how you can describe a psychologist clutching at straws. I'd hidden all the Tizer leftover from Christmas, and the empty pot noodle cartons anyway. They basically think he'll go back into a school somewhere, but not the current one, in his own sweet time. So, no problem there then. Apparently.

Last night's online grocery shop was a fail, as I was drawn instead to checking out a blog of old film and tv stills. This meant The Supermarket. Again. So, I put the blinkers on, got myself banned from the jewellery aisle, and managed a well-disciplined haul. Although the super-sized, stubby 720g jar of Branston was chosen for vase-potential so a swift decanting will need to be actioned.

Swift and action are words that are going to have to enter my vocabulary, replacing sofa-time and laissez-faire. Slapdash and slack are not getting me anywhere fast. In fact, I would like my life to be wireless, streamlined, less messy. But in the meantime I can't stop playing the Pixies....

...and uploading the odd photo of glorious buildings.


Kim said...

had a minute listening to the ice storm outside my sunroom to catch up on your blog. I love the way you write...Honestly..you can make lying on the couch sound funny and truly something I wish I could write about!
I live in Indianapolis, Indiana...in the middle of the winter storm of the century or centuries or for at least the last few years!

trashsparkle said...

Thank you Kim. Bizarre global weather in a lot of places - have you got blizzards?