Monday, 9 May 2011

More Bad Home-Management

Have read a few very astute posts lately about living more frugally. In a way that makes doing so seem like you are conquering the grinding poverty, and not vice versa, I suppose. One recurring theme centres on buying less frivolous food. OK, no more party rings on my list then.... Or, to cut to the chase, buying food less frivolously and, here's the dreaded words, doing some menu-planning. So far that has not been something that has entered my domestic radar, living instead with the element of surprise that occurs roughly every 4 hours reminding me that I am in sole charge of 2 minors who yet again need to be fed. I may have unresolved issues with food - an ability to imagine combinations thereof being the chief one, but I think tonight was the turning point where I realised I might just be going about things the wrong way. I went to pull out a carrier bag from the ikea stuff-yer-bags-in wotsit that lives under the sink. I'm still, against popular opinion about saving our oceans, using supermarket bags as they are perfect to use as bin-liners. The element of upcycling/recycling kind of makes the bag-use viable by its very practicality, no? Anyway, no carrier bags to be found, only lots of dubious-fake-charity sacks, and you know what my first thought was? If we're out of bags it must be time to get some more food in.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Oh dear. Yes, let us live simply that others may simply live. This we applaud and endorse.

But, in our view, economies should never be made on food. Buy the best quality possible to ensure a balanced diet and, therefore, good health. Or so we think.

Somehow our cup is overflowing with 'saved' bags of one sort or another. They are going in the bin NOW!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I've used charity sacks for rubbish on more than one occasion. Am I going to hell? I guess only if I leave it on the doorstep of Scope...