Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Pink And Green

Bought this card* the other day; it's been hanging around, waiting for me to stick up other cards I've got above the sideboard.....

Then I noticed a bit of a pink and green theme, in the bits waiting to go onto the compost after making last night's pudding.

It was meant to be strawberries, raspberries and kiwi with brown sugar and creme fraiche. No raspberries, brown sugar or creme fraiche, so 2 fruits with vanilla sugar and natural yoghurt was still lovely.

* Kathy Behrens for Hallmark


The Pea Pod said...

There are some lovely cards about at the mo.

How's your kitchen looking these days? Is everything back in it's place and organised?

trashsparkle said...

There are, aren't there... always picking up one here'n'there. Nooooo - the kitchen is still "in progress", s-l-o-w-l-y - I only put door handles on yesterday, ha ha. Though I put 2 more shelves up last week - cheating, using existing holes they came out of as I couldn't be bothered drilling again. Trouble is, they were held up by being attached to a cupboard last time, so they need an end bracket before anything I don't want broken gets put on them! V monochrome room this time, still no colourful bits yet, which I'm liking at the moment. Pics when its more respectable!

Lisa said...

Pretty card!