Friday, 11 March 2011

Dreams, Then Real Life

A strange day.

Stayed up til stupid o'clock, catching up with peeps in blogland and went to bed at 1, falling almost straight into a bizarre helter-skelter of a dream (conspiracy to kill a long-ago ex-boyfriend, and accidentally incriminating myself by leaving an enormous bra at the scene were the gist of it, as well as it featuring the usual strands of trying to run a bath, and trying to phone work but getting the numbers all wrong). Woke up at 5 after hearing some sort of bang, then lay there for ages retracing the stages of the dream... finally went back to sleep just before the alarm beeped me awake again.

The 13 year old hurtled out of his room - he'd been on twitter and had picked up the news about Japan. Say what you will about a boy who's opted not to leave the house or see anyone since October, and who has led to my various run-ins and dealings with an enormous range of the public sector re his lack of education, the reasons wherefore, etc,etc; he's a social media genius, very savvy about the world, and a total delight to be around (most of the time - he's a teenager... you know how it is...). Trouble is, he doesn't like, or understand the need to pretend to like, actual people. And with him refusing mental health appointments and refusing to see the psychologist, a diagnosis of any sort is not on the cards. Hmm, Houston we have a problem...

Totally awful news, on such a massive scale. You really just feel very humbled, and lucky, to live in a part of the world that's relatively safe. Touch wood. And more than anything you just feel helpless at not being able to do much more than to feel truly sorry. I hope the UN can do as much as possible, as quickly as possible, and stop bickering about whether to get mob-handed with Gaddafi.


ps Musically, I know I've been remiss lately in not waffling on about the Pixies and other great bands on the Trashsparkle playlist. At the moment Sparklehorse features very heavily, and, as much as possible, very noisily. RIP Mark Linkous, who died a year ago this month.


Kim said...

My son is much older than yours..much older..but they sound like kindred spirits. Very worldly savvy but can't really relate and not wanting to 'normal' people. Refusing to get help because he just knows the doc will piss him off at first meeting. They sound the same...oh my gosh! What are we gonna do!?

Sharon Longworth said...

Hello there, my first visit to your blog and a very nice time I've had to. Nice tone and pace about your writing.

trashsparkle said...

Kim - oh dear, you've been thru it too. Is he able to earn money, get around without getting into fights with strangers? Those are the 2 concerns I have for my little chap's future..

Sharon - hello back! Thanks for reading me and your lovely comments. Love your writing.

Kim said...

Oh my. We need to talk. Email me. It is on my profile page.