Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Sky's Gone Out

I'm looking out of the back window. Its the same footage on replay from yesterday, and the day before, and the day before... grey, with foliage alternating between quivering a little, the way that the faces of women of a certain age with severely bobbed hair tend to do, and waving genteely in a royal wave-from-the-elbow way. Wish the sky was like an etch-a-sketch, where you could just rub out all the grey and get sunny-day-blue instead.

I'll probably go out there later and build cane wigwams around which to tame the sweet peas. They are wanting to grow far too early and will end up in a heap of smothered pink if I don't get them behaving vertically pretty damn quick.

Talking of colour, it has been a week of Far Too Much Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. I have caught a couple of episodes of itv's House Gift, a show where 3 "designers" go shopping for one key, life-transforming object which will bring the taste-lacking house owners to their senses. According to which budget the squabbling designers snatch and run off to spend, there is a fleet of cars to chauffeur them around the locale and beyond. Big £1,000 budget gets big car, medium £500 budget get...etc, etc. A bit Goldilocks and the 3 bears, though so far no chairs have been broken. And there's no porridge. Though LLB did bring back, and spill on the floor, a lot of pots of paint.



Young at Heart said...

how very weired, was only wondering what had happened to Laurence this very morning ....through an odd renovation conversation....and now I know!! In London we are enjoying day 2 of high-blue-sky-and-sunshine.....feels like NY's west village....for a moment.....hope weather better with you too...

trashsparkle said...

Hello Young at Heart - thank you for popping over (from the perfume reminiscences on Hestia's blog!)

LLB seems to have been relegated to daytime tv since last doing anything primetime-ish (the inside/outside thing with Diarmuid Gavin a few years back). He's a true national treasure, bless him!

I moaned so much about the grey that there's been 2 days of blue here too! hurrah!