Friday, 4 March 2011

A Whiter Shade Of Grey

Nanoseconds til I really must be going. To get ready to be vibrant and on-the-ball for The World Of Work. And, no, I am not a football coach. Not even for gun-toting Ashley Cole. I have opinionated teenagers today. It would be mildly more bearable if these opinions were vaguely related to what they were meant to be doing, but no, it'll be as random and disruptive-intent as ever. Maybe I'll take a starting pistol in my handbag today?

And, added pressure, we are being officially checked at the moment, that we are not sitting back filing our nails, reading Heat magazine on our kindles, or worse, writing their coursework for them. So, I must flee to the wardrobe department and try to pull together a Very Good Outfit indeed.

Au revoir for now. And thank frisbees its Friday.


Kim said...

I know about teenagers and I can tell you it really doesn't get any better as they grow older.. Opinions on what ever they think they what is that? and why should I care?

trashsparkle said...

Most of the ones I work with are lovely - it must be Fridays that go to their heads...Have you heard about Jamie Oliver doing a programme about schools here, with "famous" people doing the *teaching*. Which is s'posed to be inspiring, but so far they've been just as heckled. Tho' that could be because they're being filmed...