Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A Birthday, A Film and The Sound Of Music

Some things get done, and some never do, and others get done a very long time after they should have. A rough system by which life usually ticks by quite nicely. Not sure which category filling in the census form will fall into. Half-minded to put some fairly impossible answers in, just to add to the dodgy legacy that the human race is already leaving for future generations....

Anyhows, a prime example of the above is that we now have sound on the computer again! Hurrah! I swear I hang to the 21st century by the merest thread, such is the frequency of times that my life ends up back in the technological era of the 70s and 80s.... The computer used to work without speakers, then would only work with headphones, then died acoustically altogether. The last 2 states coincided with my having un-cabled everything computer-related to move the room around twice. Hence the flawed logic that getting round to repeating the process a 3rd time but without the furniture moving would solve the problem. I did the cables. Zilch. I plugged in the speakers (that we'd never bothered to connect up). We got Lady Gaga, the track the 12 year old had put on for soundcheck purposes. Mornings with 6 Music on! Hurrah!

And yes, he is now 12! A birthday in the house yesterday, envelopes ripped open with the sole intent to create 19,000 pieces of paper where 3 seconds ago there had been one, lots of popcorn, chocolates, a big cake, candles... and we finished off the evening watching Despicable Me. Its lovely!  A big guy with a squashed head, pointy nose and skinny legs who does Bad Things To The World, but does all these things because his mum gave him an inferiority complex.  He owns a dog that is part cactus, part crocodile, and lives in a big, black house (anyone remember Winnie the Witch?!!). Daft, cute, hilarious things happen, all fantastically animated, with a bit of Russell Brand and even Julie Andrews thrown in. It even starts off with a bit of Girl From Ipanema.... And,of course, there's a Happy Ending.


Kim said...

Happy Birthday to 12 year old!
That birthday party sounds wonderful..especially the popcorn and the big cake!

trashsparkle said...

Awww, thanks Kim. Well, have to confess MOST of the popcorn was eaten by... ME!!! Strangely, they didn't really go for it, but it was a lovely excuse for a sugar-frenzy :)