Saturday, 12 March 2011

Finds, Ancient and Modern

Some more pics of "Things Around Trashsparkle Towers That Hide The Unfinished DIY".

These frames went back up again this week, after the wall-painting-effort a few months back. There's still a patch of turquoise in the top right corner where the roller wasn't long enough...keep meaning to sort that out. I love the dudes sprawled on the Belgian beach - from 1936. All of these have been picked up at various flea markets and car boots.

The mantelpiece is a moving feast. After the tinsel and lights got put away, it was in a Minimalist Phase; just a few candles and black'n'white postcards. Then I was given the orange Sanctuary box - it looks better against the grey wall in real life than this photo -  so I had a bit of a re-shuffle from another shelf and let these wooden figures come along and join the colour fest.

They're all from flea markets/junk shops. The Aqua Manda bottle was cheap as chips, just as they started rocketing on eBay. I found the red salt'n'pepper dogs in Greenwich market in the 80's - nobody's ever liked them, but I lurve them. Found the little green book this week - a real coincidence, as I'd read something about Edith Sitwell last week.


Vintage Vixen said...

Doesn't that orange work brilliantly against your grey walls? I'm going to have to steal that idea.
Aqua Mander? That takes me back to the heady days of the 1970's, there was always some of that in my bathroom.
Thanks for popping by, you can take the piss anytime you like. xxx

trashsparkle said...

You must definitely have the orange vs grey wall at Vixen Mansions. Its a combination that happened after I nearly covered that wall in lime green brocade... I'll find another part of the house for that to go in!
Love the way you and Jon have converted your bathroom - mine is long overdue for me to actually finish it.