Thursday, 14 April 2011

Crazy Horses

Ho hum. Got the people Who Really Do Have The Friday Appointment here tomorrow. Ran the idea of them being very insistent on doing the visit past a friend at The World Of Work, who reckoned its now gone to some sort of statutory status. And what impression will these folks get of Mother of Teenage Recluse? That I am a kleptomaniac on the waiting list for DIY SOS probably, seeing as the dining room is full of bits of wood from last week's taking down of shelves and the walls are practically dust.

Swanned around TKMaxx for a while on my way home, hoping to find something to signal The Right Look to kickstart me putting the kitchen back together. Maybe a white piece of ovenware? I honed in on a gigantic lime green swirly vase, some fabric covered birdhouses (???), a navy and silver painted union jack canvas that was way bigger than any wall in the house, a set of scarily expensive red saucepans, a lovely shiny red metal horse... then pulled myself together and left empty-handed. I have a love-hate relationship with that place, it brings out the schizo-kleptomaniac aspect. With each thing you see you mentally dissect every room in your house trying to judge whether something would "go", and end up with half a dozen parts of your brain competing for attention. I'm banning myself - for my own good. Though that red metal horse was awesome.


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Greetings! I have just found you and decided I liked you based on your 'about me'; then confirmed that thought by looking for labels mentioning Cath Kidston in your posts, and finding none. Hurrah.* Then I read the cupcake industry post, and chortled. I agree, and may have said (ranted) so, somewhere (the pub). Would probably include Russian Dolls in the Cath K, pastel tins etc chapter - but I like them. I am fickle.

I am similarly trying to wrest control back of the interior of my house. No teens, but two small boys. TK Maxx does have some extraordinary items at times. You could be onto something with fabric birdhouses though. I see a blog 'how to' involving glueguns, vintage sheets and erm, birdhouses coming on.

* Disclaimer: I have many blog friends who adore the sainted Cath. That is fine

Lakota x

trashsparkle said...

Hi Lakota - wow, what lovely comments; ha ha love how you checked that I had no "Cath" labels! I did actually find her stuff lovely, at first; the odd bit of fabric, the cowboy wallpaper - then she diversified and put her designs on EVERYTHING. Bit like Orla Kiely really, but that could be a whole post!
2 boys as well - oh doesn't life turn into a boring quest to win the battle of storage! I learnt too late I should have chucked more stuff out, more often. And I'm running a shop too - in my mind - practically a whole floor in my house, but I'm too lazy to take the photos!!!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

What a fun and amusing post. We have very much enjoyed your lively style and are signing up as Followers.

Thank you so much for visiting and Following our own blog. We shall much look forward to keeping in touch.

trashsparkle said...

Hello J and L - loved finding your dual-countries blog. A damn sight more exotic than my land-locked midlands location! I look forward to more of your reveals about the beauties of Budapest, both architectural and human!