Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Good Day Then Electrical Bad Things

An hour after I posted about hibernating, I was out the door on a pre-planned excursion with the 12 year old. There are photos, which I am too zonked to upload, so I will tell all in another post, but he says it's been the third best day of his life so far.

Got home tired and needing to clear up the kitchen and sort dinner. A totally suitable state of mind to find that the laptop charger which arrived this morning from ebay not only no longer worked, it had tripped 3 sockets around the house. Immediate thoughts of  how the £6.20 gizmo was going to cost me ££££ to get the electrician man out, who's probably on his easter holidays, and texts to the boyfriend who professionally Knows A Bit About electrics. Lets add emailing the ebay seller to my list of form-filling type of boring things I am supposed to be doing. Decided while sizzling some pasta in butter with sort-of-charred quorn fillets that I might strike lucky looking at the fuseboard in the morning. Maybe its just a teensy little switch to flick up. Or down, depending on how these things work.

All of which is heartening considering we came back to a pile of scary looking literature on the doormat from the fire brigade, offering or perhaps demanding, an inspection of the potential-to-catch-fire of our house. Turns out the old man over the road had had smoke coming out of his front door while we were out; a fire engine and a paramedic, but he's still at home so luckily it must have been pretty minor. The kids are a little bit convinced that his fire and our electrics malfunction are related. The world would truly be mad if that were true...

ps It is now "tomorrow" - one switch on meter unit thingie now put back in place, tested cheapest of all appliances in case of disaster, which was the kettle, and the sockets now work. How To Teach Your Kids Basic Household Electrics in don't-panic-Captain-Mainwaring style!


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Most definitely, in our book, not a good day!

Thank you for posting the picture of the sideboard. Could it be an original piece of 'Utility' furniture? If so, then highly collectable.

trashsparkle said...

Hello - all is now well in Land of Electrical Mysteries; it was, indeed, just a case of throwing a switch and now the sockets are ok.

Sideboard looks "utility" - but no label, which for those pieces is unusual. I have it on eBay with a few watchers...