Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I have my new camera! Somehow, yesterday I forgot to use it to take actual photos, instead using it to show my mum the photos of the South Bank beach huts. So, no pics being posted today. Although when I tested it I got a cracking photo of a cheese grater.

There was no critique of the non-DIY, but she did keep going on about me selling the Wrong Sideboard. We had 3, but one is having to go due to the new kitchen layout. She thought I should keep sideboard no.2, a neat little mid-century number, but I am keeping no.3, a carved, ornate dark brown monstrosity gem. Because everything fits in it, so it would be silly to get rid of it. Its a bit like having to choose between favourite pets - its been a hard decision.

   Exhibit A: Sideboard no.2

We've put the heating back on. This is dismal. My get up and go has disappeared - all the  clearing out, selling, freecycling etc of last week has been replaced by a desire to hibernate with a duvet, cake and tv... With the now-not-too-distant sparkliness of the royal wedding looming I watched a little documentary about W & K's school days and university time, mainly to compare her waif-like figure to probably what her natural body shape should be.  She was a little more rounded as a teenager, then seemed to get thinner in her early 20s. So am glad to conclude, that although she probably should eat more, she does not appear to be trying to suddenly starve herself into a silly size zero.

Have a mountain of forms to get filled in - everyone's favourite thing. Bits for the 13 year old's new school, and stuff like that. Oh joy... Almost as bad as ironing.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

So glad Mummy's visit passed off without too much in the way of criticism. We should have liked to have seen the sideboards, pictured David Bailey style with your new camera, so we could have added advice/judgment!

Ignore the forms and treat yourself to a day of doing as you please. We have, as you will probably guess, absolutely no opinion of Miss Middleton whatsoever. In fact, we should like to claim that we have no idea who she is - but that would be a lie.

trashsparkle said...

There you go... revised with the splendid addition of a dodgy photo of sideboard.

I ignored the forms, and went out. Came back to another domestically administrative chore...;)