Saturday, 2 April 2011

Before The Mayhem Descends...

ok, this is how The Midget Kitchen From Hell looks right now.... I think you should get a pretty good idea of how space-challenged it is. I don't want to unleash 2 men (aka the 13 and 12 year old) on the world claiming they never learnt to cook because there just wasn't any room in the kitchen.... so its going to be something like this:

I hate these doors! I've lived with them for 10 years, and now I'm getting rid of them!!!!

So, there's quite a bit of stuff to pack away ready for the makeover. A few shelves to take down. The ones with the scales and mugs on are possibly attached to the side of the cupboard with no-nails, if I remember rightly.

On the left-hand wall by the window, I've filled an empty space with some old shoe-trees (stretchers) that came from a house clearance and a red ice-cream scoop. Above the turquoise vase at the end of the window sill the tile on the wall came from a pile of rubble in a front garden. Alas, all the others were broken! Note how the end of the worktop is propped up on the dishwasher with a block of wood... to fit the dishwasher into the kitchen I took out a small end cupboard, yanked the worktop away from the wall and slid it and the sink cupboard along. I managed to do all that while being careful not to dislodge the plumbing!

The 'orrible rising damp (brick-built shed on the other side of that wall). Bleach should be enough for that, for now.

Keef is, of course, going to be re-instated above the cooker after the makeover! You can see where I've scribbled on the walls to make sure things will fit into their new places.

Manky tap circa 1990's and totally manky back-of-sink area. Not looking forward to what we're going to find when we move the sink unit away from that wall. In the jam jar there's a piece of green lego - don't ask!

The silver teapot is a Festival of Britain one, the spotty one came from Poundland.
A long time ago I found a kitchen ad in the local paper and stuck it on the shelf:
"Getting the kitchen just right makes a big difference to your peace of mind". Too right...

Top: Madeira and Cadiz coffee pots, Taunton Vale storage jars.
Middle: Scales from car boots £1 each, Arthur Wood piggy banks, Charlie & Lola mug "I Am Too Extremely Busy To Do Stopping", Tala measure.
Lower: Gorgeous cherry-red metallic tea caddy, eBay, some dice that I like to display with odd numbers, Staffordshire cup (one of 3, car boot). Plus black and white mugs which I am addicted to buying.

It will be this easy ;) !!!!


Kim said...

Your tiny kitchen is cute. It is the same size as my neighbor's down the street. I can't wait till you get it done! It is gonna be even cuter!

The Pea Pod said...

I was looking at your photos thinking your kitchen doesn't look too bad, but then I read your post and I notices all the bits and bobs you don't like about it. I can't wait to see the end result xx