Friday, 15 April 2011

An Inappropriate Piece Of Television

My morning has been scarred! Its all my own fault. Last night I was watching Escape To The Country. Purely for geographical research purposes*, as my distant rellies come from Ceredigion. Learning to say and spell that is very celtic indeed. OK, thats enough ooh la la; the ancestors were, allegedly, from Aberystwyth. I say allegedly as the trail goes cold in South London, with a David Jones. Haystack, needle anyone? For all I know I could share dna with Tom, Gethin and Steve. What a deeply disturbing thought...

So, back to this morning... the 12 year old kicked me off blog-perusal as his computer was doing some Important Technical Stuff, and feeling a bit screen-deprived I swanned off into the front room and switched the tv on. Totally forgetting about which channel I'd left it on last night. I got a short, sharp burst of Groundforce. With it being cable it was before the infamous hissy fit from Alan Titchmarsh which preceded his departure from the series. Which meant it was back in the days before a stylist made him and dopey-but-loveable Tommy have Big Boy Haircuts, with gel and everything; they were still sporting their pre-fame Village Idiot haircuts.

Anyhows, better pick myself up from that untasty encounter and brave the women who will pinpoint my slovenly ways as being at the root of the teenage recluse's chaotic lifestyle

* though that Jules Hudson, with his clean little face and pink cheeks, is a bit of a fitty. Not my usual type at all.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Oh, the horrors of daytime television - we need no convincing as it is some thirty or more years since we had a television, daytime or otherwise. We suspect Alan Titchmarsh can scarcely have been out of his pram when we gave up on it all.

Missed only on very odd occasions, not having television does add huge amounts of time to life!

Thank you so much for becoming a Follower. It is much appreciated.

trashsparkle said...

You have to take daytime tv with a heavy dose of irony. Wish I didn't succumb sometimes, but I'd not have much to blog about otherwise ;)
I have now discovered that my blog comes up on google if you search Alan Titchmarsh village idiot. But don't tell anyone. I might get sued.