Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A 1956 Film And An Appointment. But Not With Jesus

Saw this today. Well, not entirely. I caught about the last half hour, a habit which has allowed me to build up a very hazy and incomplete knowledge of  films-on-tv. Very impressed that Dana Wynter was able to run all that way without losing a shoe, though the poor thing did get dropped in a puddle near the end. Amazed how we jumped, in a matter of decades, from being Victorians to being scared witless about aliens.

Other than that, I answered the door mid-morning half-expecting the 2 smartly dressed women on my doorstep to be a mix-up with dates with Friday's child and adolescent mental health team appointment.

The one in the red coat, looking not dissimilar to Glenda Jackson, pro-offered a flimsy pamphlet with "Jesus" written in pale blue script and declared that she wanted to speak to me about something that was evidently nothing to do with the Friday appointment.

I am always very good at being articulate in these situations, and see no reason for being polite:
"I really don't agree with people bringing religion to people's doors. If they wanted it they'd know where to go"

She was still speaking when I shut the door. Firmly.
I may put up some voodoo relics on the outside of the house. But not until after Friday.

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Kim said...

Love it! Love it!