Tuesday, 12 April 2011

More Excuses Why Dinner Is Late

After the Colin-Firth-In-That-Catsuit moment I think the time is nigh to revisit the triumph of Russell Kane as Beyonce that was a few weeks ago. Now he doesn't actually look that hot (to me, anyway) as himself , but in drag he's quite hypnotic, ne c'est pas? Maybe my youth was misspent. Should have hung around Madame JoJo's...

Must stop or I'll be digging out less delicious versions of Men In Make-Up. Like this:


ps No further kitchen photos so far, as showing a new cutlery drawer or different location of kettle would be overstretching your patience with this blog. Needless to say, domestically I am still adrift and I have not yet got anything in the right place. Sort of going for the organic approach of getting the feel for what should go where as I use it. Until then, if I had a pedometer I'd be off the richter scale of mileage in terms of looking for the salt, colanders, plates... and it takes even longer to make dinner.

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Kim said...

hahahaha...we'll be waiting for them (photos) any way..we've got lots of patience!