Tuesday, 8 March 2011

International Rescue - Pancakes Are Go!

It's ironic how International Women's Day shares the same 24 hours as Pancake Day. I'd not had my feminist radar switched on today, focussing instead on whether we had enough milk, eggs and lemons. I'd only checked the news briefly this morning for the Libya situation, and hadn't been on facebook, so only found out it was IWD later today, through other blogs.

To be compelled to be in the kitchen, today of all days!.... But it's not actually all that bad, seeing as it's a legitimate chance to concoct something that can be eaten with sugar, chocolate and strawberries. How very girly is that! And boys like those ingredients too, so a win-win situation...

I got a shot of the first one, decorated by and for the 11year old. But it's unpublishable - had to shoot it quick, as he was already sugar-fuelled and trying to wave his hands in front of the camera. And the damn battery is so dead as a dodo that it takes about 5 hours to upload the photos*. Let me just describe the revolting spectacle. The prime ingredients were Rowntrees Randoms, but only the red ones. Plus jam. And nutella. With strawberries. And a hell of a lot of sugar. Picture that, and be glad you chose the toppings that you did.

And my love of unfitted kitchens waned further as the batter dripped down the side of the sideboard as it was being ladled into the frying pan. This is why the formica revolution happened - only for us to rip it all out and go back to basics. If basics can be defined as months' old mouldy pancake batter congealing on the floor.

Whilst the 11 year old is telling me that hiccups come from your shoulder, I must briefly relay my amazement that today's House Gift residence was not the usual bland or tasteless. Quelle surprise! It was one of those icing cake houses, with a pale bluey-grey lounge, stripped floorboards, some cool furniture, and quirky bits of vintage this'n'that... I think Mr liked modern, but Mrs liked the quirky embellishments... maybe there had been arguments. Cue 3 personal shoppers, a juicy budget and voila... a hefty gold Victorian mirror, squeezed between the radiator and the ceiling, on a lime green wall. Hopefully they were going to think about moving it.

* It's got to go. My13 year old has a better camera than me, but I didn't get time to grab it!

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