Sunday, 17 July 2011

New Kitchen Catch-Up

Earlier this year I started working out a new layout for the titchy, vintage-adorned but utterly impractical kitchen, in its original state above. More here:

As I hadn't got round to putting up the finished pictures, this post is a bit photo-heavy so as to give a visual recap to the lovely followers I've gained since the makeover started... its been quite a while ;)

This is how it was going to be, minus the horrible, indented, grime-catching 1990's doors:

It had to be another shoestring-project - existing cupboards, new doors and worktop c/o B&Q sale, sink and tap from ebay, a bit of assistance from a plumber and a kitchen fitter..... This is just after it was fitted:

Since this stage, I've sanded and painted the walls, put up shelves and worked some of the vintage stuff back in:

 Keef hasn't been hung back up on the wall yet... can't decide where to put him.

 Picked up the old soda siphon at the carboot last weekend. It's from W.E. Coombs, Northampton.

Some of the Hornsea has made it back onto the shelves; there's still some in storage.

 I love a good display of bashed-up frying pans...

The newspaper-collaged-paint-tin is the compost bin. 

Just waiting for a sample of floor tile from ebay, then the floor will become slate-effect vinyl.

So, that's the tour of the kitchen ;)


The Pea Pod said...

It's all looking very stylish. I love the unit doors and the little splashes of colour here and there provided by you vintage bits and bobs add a zing to the room and you'd never guess it was all done on a budget. Thanks for posting lots of photos xx

trashsparkle said...

Thanks Lizzie - I'm a bit worried it's looking a bit colour-fascist at the moment; mono and blue & green, and a bit of red. It'll probably get a bit random again over the next few months. The good thing is it's now streamlined and a lot easier to use; though the budget-effect is evident in close-up ;) x

Vix said...

It looks gorgeous, those cupboard doors are way better than those dust catchers. I love the painted brick wall and all your nick-nacks, the Taunton Vale cannister, the Hornsea, the battered frying pans, just lovely.
Keith will look good anywhere, bring him back. x

trashsparkle said...

Thanks Vix - it was a good moment binning those dust-catcher doors; I'd hated them for tooooo long! There's more Taunton Vale upstairs in storage (though god knows exactly where) - got all the different sized jars, and salt and pepper, for pennies at a carboot. Small wonder the kitchen's gone blue'n'white...
Keef will go back on the wall soon! x

Kylie said...

you've done a lovely job Ms Trashsparkle...I can't wait to get rid of the ugly yellow pine cupboards we inherited with this house.

Lisa-Marie said...

You kitchen is BEAUTIFUL. I love that the basic elements are widely found, but the personality is added with your own things.

Husband and I are slowly mending our flat, and that you have got it to look so 'you' with kit doors and things makes me feel quite positive for when we try!

Elegancemaison said...

This is a great make-over and so good to see it done in a small kitchen. Mine is probably even smaller so it is very helpful to have lots of pics. I particularly like the splash of colour with the kaleidoscope - is it a 'gong' for calling MrTS to supper? I think I might adopt that idea!

trashsparkle said...

Kylie - throw away those doors NOW! Better to have no doors (and ok, dust getting in the cupboards) than to have yellow pine ones. There was a LOT of pine-love here when I moved in; not yellow, but orange. Ugh! x

Lisa-Marie - looking back, I could have easily done my kitchen in a couple of weekends, but for some reason (procrastination, procrastination...) it took several months. I'm sure you guys can turn a kitchen round much quicker - and get photos up sooner too! x

Elegance - It just sort of ended up there after I rescued it en route to the tip. People run away when I tell them dinner's ready so I've never thought of it as a gong ;) x

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