Thursday, 21 July 2011

Getting There

Well, I'm nearly there... as in nearly packed ready for going on away on Saturday. I can't believe how much time I've wasted this week without making a start on Doing Stuff. My mum does herself a timetable of what she's doing for the week before she goes anywhere; and she irons too - that's two things we do differently already. I've always envied that tale of Anita Pallenberg just jumping on planes with a credit card in her back pocket... you never heard of her trying to take the kitchen sink.

This is what I still have to do:

  • Wrap up 4 small packages for ebay
  • Photocopy some money stuff to get the 13 year old's school bus pass (though that can wait another week)
  • Clean the fishtank
  • Get the 13 year old's case packed
  • Get the 12 year old a haircut
  • Find all sorts of random ointments that we might just need while we're away - mouth ulcer stuff being the kind of thing they expect you to be able to produce at 11pm
  • Find our map of the place we're going to (handily found last month in a house clearance shop)
  • Pack the Pizza Express and Bella Italia vouchers that I traded in the Tesco points for
  • Watch some more daytime antiques programmes - who knew you could sell Russian cutlery for £6,000?

To make it sound better, these are the things I have done so far:

  • Peered inside the 12 year old's suitcase that he packed last week and shook out the screwed up hoodies and noticed that he's only packed 2 t-shirts and no underwear.
  • Packed my Ideal Holiday Capsule Wardrobe, then took out 4 things and put in another top, but no jewellery yet.
  • Left lots of space in my case for Items I Might Just Find In Charity Shops
  • Dyed my hair
  • Bleached the bathroom tiles and got that shower curtain in the machine - always an essential getting-ready activity, non?
  • Realised we have no food for today or tomorrow so went to the supermarket, and got fish'n'chips for tonight.
  • Watered the plants. The outdoor ones, that by law of averages will get rained on at some point next week. Haven't watered the indoor ones.

So, I must be all ready to go, right? I am pretending so...


Vix said...

Lovely picture, wasn't she a hottie?
Hope everything's well on the way to being sorted now. Have a brilliant time. x

trashsparkle said...

She was a big part of the era wasn't she. All under control here; just the fishtank to clean, which always gets left til last, and a final weight-reducing rummage thru my case... x

Lisa-Marie said...

Ironing? really? I purposely buy clothes I won't have to iron. and anything else I just sort of smooth out while it's drying. Life is too short for ironing.

Also, I pack for everything the day before. EVERYTHING. it's not disorganised if that's when you plan to pack!

Helga! said...

Hi there!! Love the name Trashsparkle!!! Thanks for visiting me,you're welcome anytime!
I love your planning,I always make losts and then it all ends up a bit like your second list!!! But there's just so much comfort in making a list! You made a great start though!