Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A Bit Of Shouting In The Morning

I'm typing when I should be getting up and putting on some music*. To drown out the through-the-wall ranting the old lady next door does pretty much every morning. Its a stream of gujarati anger, directed at her husband most likely. She's been doing this for the ten years we've been here; she shouts and rants, he mumbles, she shouts some more, and makes food. A bit pointless - they aren't going to change after all this time, so why the ranting? Must ask the grown-up children one day, over the garden wall, by the way what does your mum shout about all the time? Maybe I should find a polite way to ask them to close the bathroom window too, as there's a frequent phlegm clearing habit from someone in that house. Most charming when you're out on the garden bench, with  a cup of tea, contemplating life...

*Got the music on - found a cd while I was waiting for google to tell me how to spell gujarati - its Nick Cave's The Boatman's Call. Gloomy, and piano-laden.


The Pea Pod said...

Oh they sound like a bunch of charmers!

Makeminemidcentury said...

So you're my neighbour!

(I'm always screaming. The kids do the gagging.)

Sounds annoying. Thought it makes a good blog post!

Lisa-Marie said...

We have

- people who constantly have sex next door - seriously about 3 times a day, every day. WHO HAS THE TIME!
-Shouty lady upstairs.
-crying baby upstairs but one - doesn't really bother me though - babies cry, and it's infrequent
-random children/students/drug addicts/alcoholic who shout/smoke/eat lunch/wee in the close.

I Still like living here though. You get a very real sense of life.

trashsparkle said...

Lizzie - I could have done another paragraph about the noise from our house; the way the 12 year old gallops up and down the stairs... who knows, maybe the neighbours blog about it? ;)

MMMC - ha ha, have I blown your cover? I must be hearing fluent moomin, not gujarati, then ;) Just got back from town - there's a new notice up in the public toilets: "do not spit in the basins". What IS it about people/this town/my phlegm radar...?

Lisa-Marie - oh how I don't miss living in flats. We had scary Colombian men who played Abba at the crack of dawn on sunday mornings - long before the mamma mia kitsch factor. Got to laugh at the noisy sex-machine neighbours - could you play Doris Day very loudly at opportune moments?

Vix said...

Ahhh, the phlegm clearing noise, something I always miss when I get back from spending time in India. x

trashsparkle said...

Vix - I have a feeling this post may be putting a few people off their lunch (or breakfast, depending on the timezone) - what have I started!!! x

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Your comments are as funny as your post.

My upstairs neighbours have put up with loud music and hilarity for years. It has calmed down a lot over the last two. Now it's just the occasional bit of loud music, The Actor's booming voice (my neighbour says he finds it soothing?) and the odd high pitched scream from me. They're quiet as mice apart from their dog howling when it gets let out xx

Elegancemaison said...

With our next door neighbours it's noisy sex in the sitting room on the other side of our party wall. Often preceded, or occasionally followed, by an almighty row. They're sweet as pie when we meet in the street, and the woman has apologised which makes us feel like boring old farts and only slightly jealous(Lol!) We just turn the TV up now.