Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Good Yawning, Whoops, I Mean Good Morning...

Had a big, big, January slump last week from Tuesday til Sunday and pretty much stopped doing anything sparkly. The post-new-year thing hits a lot of people - starting January full of renewed va-va-voom, then just running a bit empty after a while - but this time it was down to literature!

We were too early for the dentist on Tuesday afternoon, so killed time in Waterstones - the 11 year-old found 2 books, and it was 3-for-2. I went for a really thick novel with lots of orange on the cover - "One Day" by David Nicholls. I got stuck into it that evening, only putting it down to sleep and go to work, and finished it Thursday night. Ok, it was chick-lit stuff, by a man, but very thought-provoking and cleverly woven together. So, that's Trashsparkle's first ever, official, book recommendation...

The book was ace, but the not-doing-anything-else wasn't - hence the slump. I was reading blogs but there was nothing happening in my mind, no comments firing up, I had nothing to post about... I think the only thing I managed to write was a shopping list. I hibernated on the sofa all day Saturday, flicking channels. Zilch. Not even the 2 Carry On films... then Sunday I began perking up, and wolfed handfuls of Christmas rum truffles all afternoon.

I came home from work on Monday, and picked up some blackboard paint to retouch the tv unit. Then I painted the inside of the front door. All that sofa time over the weekend had me looking at that door in despair; I'd stripped it in the summer, hoping to get a waxed, walnutty effect, but it just looked like a paint-stripped door. Very unfinished. I don't do gloss - too much like hard work. So that is now fully blackboard-painted. With new dark plastic letterbox draught-excluder-thing, and all fine and dandy.

Yesterday I had a spare hour after work, and stood at the sink wondering why we've lived here for nearly 10 years with our window looking onto a dreary brown fence. Out with the cream masonry paint, and one panel is now revamped. Which means more painting today....but the day is shiny and sunny, so It Will Get Done.

I function better if I do little things all the time, so that little regular achievements are being made... Sofa-Time is no good. Just remind me to remember that!


ted and bunny said...

hiya- just zoomed over to see my new follower cos your name sounded so fab!

I reckon I could just move into your home, both the real one and the wishlist one!

I have a cousin who sold up the glam life and moved from California to South Carolina, and when we go visit EVERYONE sits and rocks onthe verandah, sipping Mint Juleps of course.

When we get back home here, a barbie on the patio doesn't quite have the same edge!


trashsparkle said...

Hello! Thanks for coming over to see me too. Love your house clearance stories and the textiles you've shown. And your chicken blog is so cute!

Kim said...

I was so hoping you guys would meet! You both make me laugh...Wish I lived in England...I think it is well suited for me and I love the British sense of is like mine...but blogging with you two gad-a-bouts is the next best thing!