Thursday, 6 January 2011


Hey ho, it occurred to me that I had posted yonks ago about my new mantelpiece.... here, very belatedly, is said marvel, all fested up. Quite reluctant to take all the sparkly stuff off for another year, but I'm sure there will be plenty of treasures to display on it soon.

Which moves us on to resolutions for 2011:
  1. To put more photos on my blog - and even some of things other than my unfinished house!
  2. To sort out better lighting for my photos. Maybe even do a bit of photoshoppy stuff?
  3. To be a bit more structured with my time. OK, a lot more. Waste less time snoozing on the sofa with magazines, and just generally keep on top on my life.
  4. Keeping on top of my life shall entail seeing friends more, and generally trying to roll out of the house before 3pm.
  5. To make no more resolutions, but I just like odd numbers, so hey...
Happy Resolving


ephemerette said...

Sounds like very good and importantly achieveable resolutions - I have a terrible tendancy to dream up grand ones which are destined to splutter and fail - might try making a do-able list like yours!

Thanks for stopping by ephemerette x

trashsparkle said...

Thanks for having a peek at my blog. I'm enjoying the resolutions so far - am doing lunch with friends next week; heck I've even been nominated to pick the venue(!), and to up-the-visuals on here I've been fiddling with the "advanced design" thing. Will crack it one day and sort the dismal typography out ;) x