Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Gilbert Ate My Grape

Yay - it is another Official Day Off. And I have not been summonsed to the World of Work to cover for snow-bound colleagues. So woohoo - lots of metime today. And how exactly will Trashsparkle be spending today? By ignoring the nagging logic that says she must knuckle down and fill in the SENA form that arrived yesterday for the 13 year old, and instead eat McCoys cheese'n'onion crisps and drink black tea whilst clicking around in blogland-catchup-time. (don't worry, the form will be done later - I am a nightowl and can only do such things at stupid o'clock).

Reluctantly caught the Morgana Show last night and had to google "Gilbert" to find out where she'd rolled out that character before. Knew it was something where the character had been made to do pervy stuff to female guests, possibly involving a semi-circular seating plan arrangement. But despite that wonderfully precise description, the boyfriend couldn't put a finger on it either, so I hit google. The TNT show! Totally forgettable, so no wonder it didn't leap out at us. But in the "Gilbert" trawl activity, I found the highly delightful Fancy doing spoof Amazon reviews! Genius. Maybe I'll stop ignoring the emails that request my participation when I've bought complex origami flatpacks, or heaven forbid, may start buying bizarre stuff for the very purpose of joining in with this spoof review malarkey. Is there a lot of it about? Is it a modern thing that thousands of bored people are doing? Will online shopping ever be the same?

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