Saturday, 30 October 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is - part 2

...items 3 & 4 on the Christmas list (after Keef's book and the non-purchasable vintage rock'n'roll dolls) are these!

... a yummy, yummy typography book to drool over


...Molly Parkin's autobiography - because she's been there, done it all, and good god, she's still here!

And this week, the household hysteria has mainly ensued from Strictly's Frock Reveals - pleather ???? - and from us all staying up Quite Late And Being A Bit Cultured last night to watch BBC2's Review Show... all was going very well, until it ended with a cellist. Seems it is not enough to just use the fingers, the face has to work Very Hard Too:
Watch this from 40:30, and do try not to fall off your chair.

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